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Custom-built homes, as well as our own developments,
which range from urban condos to suburban subdivisions,
to renovations.


After emigrating from Italy in 1950, Luigi Barone began building in what would become North America’s third largest garment district (after New York and Los Angeles), the area around Chabanel street. He would go on to build thousands of homes, apartment blocks, commercial and industrial buildings over the course of his career.

Our Services

We offer a range of services, from custom-built homes for individual clients, as well as our own developments, which range from
urban condos to suburban subdivisions, to renovations. Our service philosophy is one of positivity, where we believe everything is
possible, and we take that approach in dealing with our clients from day one.


We offer our commercial clients a wide breadth of experience and selection in helping them to choose the best design and construction …



Our residential construction program seeks to blend the best of design, technology & quality into spaces that our clients are truly happy to call.


Project Management

From individuals wishing to build a private home, to investors who wish to invest in construction and real estate, we offer project


Our Projects

Why Choose REMARCO

With roots dating back to 1954, we are a family-run company that insists on excellence at all times. Family members personally oversee every aspect of the business, and are always available to our clients. Our reputation is one of quality and integrity, where there is no challenge we can’t overcome and the satisfaction of our clients is paramount. Many of our clients have only ever bought homes or condos from the Barone family, and continue to do so, making us the builders of every home they’ve ever lived in.

Over 60 Years Experience

Originally founded in 1954 as the Barone Company Limited, it became Remarco in 1985. We’ve been responsible over the years for developments first in the Garment District around Chabanel street, St-Leonard and east-end Montreal, Laval, downtown and Little Italy/Villeray, among others.

Professional Standards

We adhere to all the necessary home-warranty programs and deal only with certified, licensed sub-contractors with excellent and great reputations and who are in good standing with the various government bodies responsible (RBQ, CCQ, etc.).